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Mentorship and Career Coaching for Students at Turing

I’ve been mentoring at Turing since September 2014 and love every moment of it. I love making a difference and getting you ready for the tech industry by helping you build a solid resume and prepare for technical interviews.

Help Me Out, too. Please. :)

I’m more than happy to help Turing students with my time, and have a few small requests if you want to show appreciation for my help:

  • Pay It Forward. Find a way to help others as you grow in your career.
  • Follow me on Twitter; if you find my advice helpful, I’d really appreciate a tweet to my career coaching or interview prep emails page (please don’t tweet this page, I don’t want random strangers booking free appointments)
  • Visit my LinkedIn page, send me a connection request, and then under skills, please endorse me for the following skills:
    • management
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    • any others you’d like :)
  • Consider writing a review for the bottom of my career coaching page
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Interview Prep Emails

I constructed a helpful “tech prep in bite-sized pieces” email series where I send out a daily technical interview question or two every day and answer them from an interviewers point of view – why do I care about this question, what am I listening for in your answer, etc.. Some emails I give a high-level answer but most technical interviewers will want much deeper technical answers than what I provide in the messages.

You can read more about it and subscribe.

Interview Prep Class

discontinued until further notice

I run a class just about every Monday night at 8pm on Google Hangouts to walk through some basic ways to prepare for a technical interview. For those who cannot attend due to time of day I conduct the class, or due to accessibility, I can DM you either a YouTube video of a recorded, version of the class, or a written transcript of the content.

A typical agenda looks like:

  • what are interviews even for?
  • common areas of study
  • do’s and dont’s, tips & tricks
  • business types, point of contact
  • general interview workflow
  • business sizes and what they care about most
  • questions you’ll get asked, questions you should ask

There’s no sign-up to attend the Monday night class, just watch the #job-hunt channel every Monday for the Hangouts link every week.

Book a Mock Interview

You can book a mock interview on youcanbook.me, but be aware that bookings will happen during the day now that I’m on staff at Turing. If you really must have an evening/weekend, I will need a MINIMUM of 3 weeks notice.

If my hours aren’t convenient, contact Allison. There’s a whole team of mentors that I’ve trained to give mock interviews who are sitting around waiting to help you!

Resume or Cover Letter Review

I have a document on Google Drive that I can share with you over Slack DM to give you 
some general pointers before you get started.

If you’d like a resume review, send me a DM on Slack with a PDF copy of your resume. I’ll provide notes over Slack and you’re welcome to send me an updated copy at any time to re-review.

I’m happy to work with you on crafting great cover letters as well. Again, send me a PDF over Slack DM and I’ll provide feedback.

Average resume review feedback length: