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Mentorship and Career Coaching for Students at Turing

I’ve been mentoring at Turing since September 2014 and love every moment of it. I love making a difference and getting you ready for the tech industry by helping you build a solid resume and prepare for technical interviews.

Help Me Out, too. Please. :)

I’m more than happy to help Turing students with my time, and have a few small requests if you want to show appreciation for my help:

  • Pay It Forward. Find a way to help others as you grow in your career.
  • Follow me on Twitter; if you find my advice helpful, I’d really appreciate a tweet to my career coaching or interview prep emails page (please don’t tweet this page, I don’t want random strangers booking free appointments)
  • Visit my LinkedIn page, send me a connection request, and then under skills, please endorse me for the following skills:
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Interview Prep Emails

I constructed a helpful “tech prep in bite-sized pieces” email series where I send out a daily technical interview question or two every day and answer them from an interviewers point of view – why do I care about this question, what am I listening for in your answer, etc.. Some emails I give a high-level answer but most technical interviewers will want much deeper technical answers than what I provide in the messages.

You can read more about it and subscribe.

Interview Prep Class

I run a class just about every Monday night at 8pm on Google Hangouts to walk through some basic ways to prepare for a technical interview. For those who cannot attend due to time of day I conduct the class, or due to accessibility, I can DM you either a YouTube video of a recorded, version of the class, or a written transcript of the content.

A typical agenda looks like:

  • what are interviews even for?
  • common areas of study
  • do’s and dont’s, tips & tricks
  • business types, point of contact
  • general interview workflow
  • business sizes and what they care about most
  • questions you’ll get asked, questions you should ask

There’s no sign-up to attend the Monday night class, just watch the #job-hunt channel every Monday for the Hangouts link every week.

Book a Mock Interview

You can book a mock interview on youcanbook.me, but be aware that most bookings are anywhere from 4-8 weeks out. If you’re concerned about getting a mock interview shortly after graduation, DM me on Slack and I’ll give you instructions on how to join the queue for cancellations.

Mock Interview workflow

  • I’ll send you a link for Google Hangouts on Slack around 8:30pm. Please check ahead of time that your microphone and speakers are working properly.
  • We’ll spend about 15-20 minutes going through verbal questions more suited to a phone screen, but still vital to ensure you have good terminology, etc..
  • I’ll have you share your screen and show me your editor and a terminal or browser, and send you Slack DM’s with code samples and/or instructions.
  • We’ll spend anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour doing review.
  • On request, I’ll send you a copy of my notes within a few days of the mock interview.

Repeat Interviews

If you’ve done a mock interview with me already, or have done a mock interview with any of the others on the mock interview team at Turing, I may shorten the verbal questions and focus on harder coding challenges. We share which questions get asked (but not personal notes).

If You Need to Cancel

Life happens. If you need to postpone a mock interview, I’m happy to work with you and other students to find a way to reschedule you to something in the very near future.

If you need to straight up cancel, please cancel your booking through YouCanBook.me or let me know over Slack DM as soon as possible.

Resume or Cover Letter Review

I have a document on Google Drive that I can share with you over Slack DM to give you 
some general pointers before you get started.

If you’d like a resume review, send me a DM on Slack with a PDF copy of your resume. I’ll provide notes over Slack and you’re welcome to send me an updated copy at any time to re-review.

I’m happy to work with you on crafting great cover letters as well. Again, send me a PDF over Slack DM and I’ll provide feedback.

Average resume review feedback length: