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Mentorship and Career Coaching for Students at Turing

I was a mentor at Turing from September 2014 to September 2017 at which point I joined the Turing family on staff. I’ve loved every moment of it. I love making a difference and getting you ready for the tech industry by helping you build a solid resume and prepare for technical interviews.

  1. Help Me Out, too. Please.
  2. Interview Prep email series
  3. Mock Interviews
  4. Office Hours
  5. Alumni Code Challenge
  6. Resume and Cover Letter review
  7. Monday night interview prep class (discontinued)

Help Me Out, too. Please. :)

I’m more than happy to help Turing students with my time, and have a few small requests if you want to show appreciation for my help:

  • Pay It Forward. Find a way to help others as you grow in your career.
  • Follow me on Twitter; if you find my advice helpful, I’d really appreciate a tweet to my career coaching or interview prep emails page (please don’t tweet this page, I don’t want random strangers booking free appointments)
  • Visit my LinkedIn page, send me a connection request, and then under skills, please endorse me for the following skills:
    • teaching
    • management
    • career counseling
    • developer relations
    • any others you’d like :)
  • Consider writing a review for the bottom of my career coaching page
  • Follow me on Quora; I write a ton of help on here about interviewing and career coaching
  • Follow me on any of the following platforms and upvote some things:

Interview Prep Emails

I constructed a helpful “tech prep in bite-sized pieces” email series where I send out a daily technical interview question or two every day and answer them from an interviewers point of view – why do I care about this question, what am I listening for in your answer, etc.. Some emails I give a high-level answer but most technical interviewers will want much deeper technical answers than what I provide in the messages.

You can read more about it and subscribe.

Book a Mock Interview

You can book a mock interview, If you really must have an evening/weekend, then we need to schedule this at LEAST two weeks in advance.

If you can’t find me for a mock interview, there’s a whole team of mentors that I’ve trained to give mock interviews who are sitting around waiting to help you!

Office Hours

Book time to attend my open office hours with alumni and students alike. It’s not mandatory to sign up ahead of time, but helps me plan.

Topics should be career related, but I’m happy to look through code challenges, etc.

Alumni Code Challenge

I co-host a weekly Code Challenge with Brittany at Turing. Sign-up is mandatory.

Current weekly day/time: Thursday 1pm, Clarke Hall or the Vault

If you are remote, please DM me on Slack (@iandouglas) to discuss. We may record some sessions over time, but we will be running this class locally only.

Keep an eye on the #alumni-code-challenge room.

Resume or Cover Letter Review

I have a document on Google Drive that I can share with you over Slack DM to give you
some general pointers before you get started.

If you’d like a resume review, send me a DM on Slack with a PDF copy of your resume. I’ll provide notes over Slack and you’re welcome to send me an updated copy at any time to re-review.

I’m happy to work with you on crafting great cover letters as well. Again, send me a PDF over Slack DM and I’ll provide feedback.

Average resume review feedback length:

Monday Evening Interview Prep Class

discontinued until further notice

I run a class just about every Monday night at 8pm on Google Hangouts to walk through some basic ways to prepare for a technical interview. For those who cannot attend due to time of day I conduct the class, or due to accessibility, I can DM you either a YouTube video of a recorded, version of the class, or a written transcript of the content.

A typical agenda looks like:

  • what are interviews even for?
  • common areas of study
  • do’s and dont’s, tips & tricks
  • business types, point of contact
  • general interview workflow
  • business sizes and what they care about most
  • questions you’ll get asked, questions you should ask

There’s no sign-up to attend the Monday night class, just watch the #job-hunt channel every Monday for the Hangouts link every week.