Thanks for Subscribing, Check your Email

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Almost done – Check your Email

You should be getting an email momentarily with a quick welcome message about your subscription to my email series about interview prep tips.

It’s important that you click on the link in the email in order to double opt-in to receiving these messages. This is by design and on purpose.

If you do not click the link in the message, you will not be subscribed.

Why a Double Opt-In?

I’m a strong believer in efficient email sending and following all CAN-SPAM laws. While CAN-SPAM laws don’t require a double opt-in, it’s an industry best-practice.

Your first opt-in stage was entering your email address. The second stage is clicking the link in the email to confirm my message made it to your Inbox and that you are indeed verifying that you want to get my interview tips by email.

How it Works

Approximately every 24 hours, a timed job will send the next message in the interview tips series to your email address.

If the email is successfully processed for delivery, my system will advance you to the next message in the series.

When the Series has Run its Course

I’m constantly adding new content so when the series runs out of messages, it will pause all sending until I publish more messages. As those are published you will continue to receive new content.

At some point the series will be “done” and I will send out a final “farewell” message and any subscribers who receive that email will have their information purged from my database.

Information Removal

As mentioned above, the system will automatically purge your information from my database when the series is complete. I don’t believe in re-marketing so I won’t use that information for anything else.

Also, if you fail to click the link in your registration email to fully subscribe, the system will remove your email address within 48 hours. I also don’t believe in hanging onto data that serves no purpose and is a potential security problem.