Weekly Interview Prep class

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By Ian Douglas | October 6, 2016

Class is canceled until further notice

I love giving information away for free, but my evenings are filled with other things that require my time and I need to postpone this nightly class for a while.

If you’re interested in the content, please contact me and we can arrange a class. I might limit this class to be once a month instead of weekly.

Entry-level Interview Preparation Class

Hi everyone. I run a weekly interview prep class for entry-level web developers via Google Meet (upgraded Hangouts client) every Monday night with the following agenda:

(all times are Mountain time zone for Denver Colorado)

Next class: ??

7:30pm, mic check and open “ask me anything” (AMA)
8:00pm, main content begins
9:15pm, open Q&A
9:55pm, all done

For east-coast and west-coast people:

  • 6:30pm Pacific (west coast: California, Washington, etc)
  • 8:30pm Eastern (east coast: Florida, New York, etc)


Opinions are like armpits. Everyone usually has one or two and some of them stink.

Don’t let my experiences be the only ones to guide you on this journey. There are lots of people out there who can help you. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out to developers more senior than you to ask for help!

How do I join the hangout?

Here’s the link for this week’s class. It may be up and running prior to 7:30pm Mtn but I won’t let anyone join until 7:30pm (you’ll need to request to join).

If Google Meet will not let you join it’s possible we have reached the maximum 25 attendees. I run this class every Monday night so follow me on Twitter to get the link next week.


Q: Who is the target audience?
A: Entry-level or early-career web developers looking for a third-party view on technical interviews.

Q: Can intermediate or senior level people join?
A: I’d rather keep this open to early-career devs, thanks. If you’re intermediate or senior and need help or advice, feel free to contact me for help.

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: A notebook is handy.

Q: What about accessibility?
A: If you cannot join due to audio disability or other similar reasons I have a written form of the content I can share with you. contact me for details.

Did you find the class helpful?

I’d be really grateful for any tweets about it. I also have a free daily interview prep email series (42 emails, 6 weeks’ worth) that teach you all about interview prep from the eyes and mind of an interviewer and hiring manager. No ads, no promos, just free advice and you can unsubscribe any time. The system will *automatically unsubscribe you at the end.

More information and subscription at this page