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Technical interviews suck. This is no big secret in our industry. There are tons of guides out there claiming the “top one thousand questions you’ll get asked in an interview” but none of them help you think like an interviewer. None of them teach what a typical software interview process even looks like, or what different sized businesses even care about.

Help is on the Way!

I’m working through years of notes and talks and messages to provide you with a resource that examines the modern software development interview process. As we work through it, I’ll be sharing my thoughts as a professional interviewer with experience as a hiring manager.

Much of my content comes from recent work helping hundreds of code school graduates with resume and cover letter creation, and interview preparation. Now you can benefit from my notes and tutoring.

Book Content

As I near a completion date, I’ll include more detail on the final content within the book.

  • what are interviews even for
  • typical software interview workflow
  • analyzing interview questions
  • common study topics
  • tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts
  • soft skills you need to develop
  • what businesses care about at different sizes

Errata and corrections will be made through this web site.


I will be self-publishing the book and selling on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle-friendly formats. I’m currently seeking contacts within Google Books to get invited as an author to publish my work there as well. I’m happy to take suggestions on other outlets or formats.