Technical Career Coaching

I've been in the software industry since 1996. Over that time many years of my career has been in a role of technical manager, in charge of hiring or as a lead interviewer, reviewing resumes, and performing well over 1,000 professional technical interviews.

For several years, I've also spent time mentoring startups, over 250 of which were at early-idea or grassroots-level through the now-defunct Google Helpouts platform. Most of my mentoring, though, has been to students graduating from technical programs and seeking to join our industry as a developer.

I am currently a backend engineering instructor at The Turing School of Software & Design in Denver, Colorado, where I also assist with pre-graduation and post-graduation career development coaching. I've also begun to branch out and offer my time to others who need help getting ready for that next step in their technical career.

If you are interested in one-on-one coaching for the topics below, contact me for more information and scheduling.


I would definitely recommend [Ian's] career coaching to anyone. I actually thought my resume was pretty great and wasn't going to reach out but I figured eh, what the hell, might as well get someone other than my husband to look at it. It was super easy to talk to [Ian], and I was really happy that we did it over Hangouts so we could talk through some of it. I took notes and tried to update it based on basically all of [Ian's] recommendations. For me personally the CV help was SUPER appreciated and helpful, because otherwise I was just googling "how to write a cover letter" and hoping to stumble upon some good advice. [Ian's] 3 paragraph approach really helped me get over the "where the hell do I start" feeling that I had.

What I Offer as a Technical Career Coach

Resume Review

In my time as a hiring manager and lead interviewer at several companies, I've manually screened thousands of technical resumes. I know what works, what doesn't work, things you must include and remove from the page, and some of the reader psychology behind layout and design.

"I've gotten a ton of really great feedback on my resume, much of it directly related to your feedback!"
- Noah B

Duration/How: 1 hour, email workflow, includes two rounds of review
Price: $100

Cover Letters

Call me old-school but I still feel that cover letters are important. I teach a 3-paragraph letter format and describe what goes into each area that will show companies that you give more than you take, and that you want the job to help their customers and users.

"thanks for all your help ian! I think the new resume and cover letter and blog post I wrote got me in the door."
- Noah P

Duration/How: 1 hour, email workflow, includes two rounds of review
Price: $100

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