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Review: Dell Precision m3800 laptop

I purchased a Dell Precision m3800 laptop in late 2015 and haven’t been this happy about a laptop since my XPS13 Sputnik The initial build I purchased was the non-Thunderbolt edition, which I immediately exchanged (and paid the extra $150) for the Thunderbolt-compatible edition. It was a Windows-installed edition, which I quickly dual-booted to include Ubuntu. Dell, at the time, sold the laptop directly with Ubuntu pre-installed, but stubbornly refuse to make public the ISO to install Ubuntu on similar hardware.

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Project Sputnik XPS13: Initial Impressions

My XPS13 arrived today. While I hadn’t initially applied to Dell’s beta group for Project Sputnik, I’ve been pretty eager about it to the point of wanting to purchase a full-price XPS13 on which to test the software. The appeal of downloadable chef recipes to configure a box for programming different languages was too strong to resist. My hesitation was the limitation of 4GB of RAM on the laptop, which is an oft-asked upgrade.

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Installing Gentoo on the Dell XPS15 ... hopefully it'll be a better low-power setup than ubuntu/win7

Updated April 26, 2011 I’ve been trying off and on for a few weeks, as I have free time with work and family (now with two kids), to install Gentoo on my Dell XPS15 laptop. Until recently, I had gotten the OS installed, including grub, in a tri-boot Gentoo/Ubuntu 10.10/Windows 7 configuration, and Gentoo was smart enough to start in text mode with the framebuffer on, so I got a full 1920x1080 with small text, and very little running in terms of services.

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