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HOWTO: Protect Yourself (as best you can) from Facebook's F8 Platform

To recap my “social web is not a private web” article, Facebook’s F8 platform will begin to create a massive social web for which you have already given them permission to share your public info. Be warned, though, that even if you do take some of the following steps to opt-out, your friends might still be able to share some of your public information (Name, Profile Picture, Gender, Current City, Networks, Friend List, and Pages) without your consent as these ‘partner’ sites will have access to your friend’s contact list which can contain public pieces of information about you.

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Facebook's Social Web will not be a Private Web

Facebook has introduced their new ‘f8’ platform which raises several serious privacy concerns. While I’m not usually a tinfoil-hat kinda guy, these realizations today really raised my ire against Facebook. The f8 platform will allow web developers to add a ‘like’ button on their sites, and if you’re a content publisher, face it – you’ll WANT to add that to your site. But this HTML iframe will give Facebook access to every site you visit that includes the LIKE button.

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