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Managing multiple versions of PHP on Mac OS X with Homebrew

I sense a trend starting. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about managing different versions of Python on Mac OS X, and today I’m going to explain how I use multiple versions of PHP on the same platform. The Problem Until the homebrew-php group figure out a better way of handling several versions of PHP (their instructions haven’t worked for several months), and without installing something like phpenv, I concocted my own means to manage PHP versions using bash aliases similar to my Python post.

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Has PHP evolved? Or is it the same ol' same ol' that everyone loves to hate

Has PHP evolved? Or is it the same ol' same ol' that everyone loves to hate? I love to call PHP the “Nickleback of Programming Languages” – everyone loves to give it crap, but there are still some die-hard fans out there. Some thoughts from Blackshawk In which I do a little digging about the choices I've made with PHP. This is a long read, but it isn't something that can be explained in one or two paragraphs.

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mod_rewrite hack in PHP for redirecting old URLs with question marks

A previous blog engine I used to use, e107, created links like “" (my old SpamAssassin trainer tutorial page) so I decided I should at least attempt to toss in a few mod_rewrite rules to even up the playing field so search engines and people with bookmarks could still get to the tutorial text which I’ve started adding to the new CMS. Trouble is, mod_rewrite doesn’t support something simple like:

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