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T-Mobile Seems Unsure of Position on Tethering Fees

TechCrunch Posts about Tethering TechCrunch reports that Android 2.2 (Froyo) will support USB and Wifi tethering, though it remains to be seen whether carriers will have an option to disable this feature. TechCrunch leaked some information about availability of tethering within Froyo, and dozens of other sites picked it up, not to mention countless tweets about it. It made some serious headlines, and has had a lot of feedback from users hoping to get a 2.

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HOWTO: Redirect iPhone/iPod Users on Nginx

I learned a little something about nginx, a small footprint web server ideal for serving mobile sites, or sites where you don’t want the heavy overhead of Apache. While I was serving in a DevOps role at Armor Games, I needed to redirect iPhone/iPod users to a different URL for a promotion. Since nginx at the time didn’t have the ability to utilize mod_rewrite rules, I had to learn how to enable redirection at the server level.

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