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Is this another Gingerbread bug?

Tonight, I installed Google Books for the fourth time on my Samsung Nexus S. I've never manually uninstalled it. In fact, whenever I see that there's an update for it available, I go to my app dock and sure enough, I see it listed as an installed app, I can open it and continue to read a free Sherlock Holmes novel where I last left off. Is this another bug in Gingerbread, or is it a fault with Google Books?

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New Froyo features announced at Google IO

Besides giving away an HTC EVO 4G to all attendees, here’s the big news announced about Android 2.2 Froyo at Google IO today: Features Announced At Google IO Just-in-Time compiler confirmed Microsoft Exchange integration including auto-discovery and remote wipe New services just as data backup APIs for carriers to move your data from one device to another Tethering announced for Wifi and USB, shown in demo, pokes fun at iPad; no word on whether carriers can disable it 2x-3x performance boost in the Browser, new Javascript engine is SO much faster Optimizations for using the camera, orientation (accelerometers) within the browser Speech control and recognition is so much smoother, including Mandarin and Japanese, including speech recognition to make phone calls Real-time language translation Announced support for Flash Player 10.

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T-Mobile Seems Unsure of Position on Tethering Fees

TechCrunch Posts about Tethering TechCrunch reports that Android 2.2 (Froyo) will support USB and Wifi tethering, though it remains to be seen whether carriers will have an option to disable this feature. TechCrunch leaked some information about availability of tethering within Froyo, and dozens of other sites picked it up, not to mention countless tweets about it. It made some serious headlines, and has had a lot of feedback from users hoping to get a 2.

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Android 2.2 Froyo Benchmarking

Now With More Speed Over lunch today, I did some benchmarking with Linpack on my own Nexus One, using a stock Android 2.1 build, and the Nexus One provided by Adobe. It was astonishing to see the difference in MFLOPS (Millions of FLOating-Point operations per Second), essentially a high-precision mathematics sequencing instruction set that tests how quickly a CPU can run a known number of calculations. Since Linpack themselves publish a benchmark Top 10 for Android devices, I’m not disclosing anything that hasn’t already been publicly confirmed by others.

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Review: Nexus One and Motorola CLIQ

My wife and I recently switched from AT&T to T-Mobile and we picked up some new Android-based devices. For me, the Nexus One; for her, the Motorola CLIQ. Both phones have a lot of really great features, most of which are Android-related. But each device has a handy set of features that made them good decisions for us. Her Pantech phone was ruined by our son dropping it in the dog’s water dish, and I just got tired of the closed mindset of the iPhone.

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