I'm a professionally-trained public speaker, comfortable in front of crowds of a few thousand. I've felt it important to spend more time sharing knowledge with others. Part of that endeavour will include speaking engagements as I have time, ability and opportunity. I'll link my presentations on this page along with any accompanying open source projects used in demos.

booking information

If you'd like me to speak at an event, go ahead and contact me for availability.

slide decks, etc

This is not an exhaustive list of all of my public speaking events. I've re-used these slide decks at several meetups in the Los Angeles and Denver/Boulder regions.

Managing Python Installations on a Mac
Boulder Python, November 2016, focused on use of pyenv, homebrew, virtualenv-wrapper and bash aliases
Turing School of Software & Design, recurring talk: Preparation and Readiness for Technical Interviews
A recurring talk I give at the Turing School of Software & Design on preparing a technical resume, cover letter, and tips on readying yourself for a technical interview
SendGrid Brown Bag Lunch, May 2015: Hosting Platform Comparison for side projects
SendGrid Brown Bag Lunch, discussing cloud hosting platform comparisons for developing side projects
Boulder Python, September 2014: SendGrid API and Python SDK
Boulder Python, introduced the meetup group to SendGrid's Python SDK
PyCon Canada 2012, Lightning talk on SendGrid API
Lightning talk I gave at the first PyCon Canada about SendGrid API usage
Ryerson University DMZ Incubator, November 2012, Full Agile Primer for startups
Full Agile overview, targeting growing startups, at Ryerson University's DMZ Incubator
Ryerson University DMZ Incubator, November 2012, Shup up & Ship it
Smaller Agile overview of my full Agile talk, targeting tiny startups (less than 10 people)

I found some old videos I had recorded for my Google Helpouts sessions:

  • reserved session for Turing students
  • startup mentoring
  • intro to python, Q&A
  • python part 2, agile and TDD
  • python part 3, using PyCharm
  • python part 4, Flask web development
  • python part X, followup
  • Learn Python the "best" way