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January 1, 0001

Special Edition Package #1 - FollowUp to Package 6

In keeping with the header of HumourList Package #6, here’s a little something to giggle at…

Opening header is Copyright 1997 by Ian W. Douglas; all rights are reserved, and no portion should be copied in any way or modified in any way without permission of the author.

One day, a pilot dies [of extremely old age, naturally] and shows up at the pearly gates of Heaven. Unfortunately, St. Peter tells him they’re having some paperwork problems, and could he hang out in hell for six weeks?

The pilot, not entirely unaccustomed to dealing with paperwork foulups in large regulatory organizations, agrees.

Down to hell he goes. The devil appears, and smugly asks the pilot if he thinks it’s hot down there in hell. The pilot replies, “Well, I used to fly commuters without air conditioning, and it could get pretty hot up there in the cockpit, sometimes hotter than this.”

The devil, annoyed, cranks up the temperature, and asks the pilot what he thinks of that. “Well,” says the pilot. “I used to fly ag sprayers in Texas, and frankly, it got a heluva lot warmer in that cockpit in summer than it is right now.”

So, the devil cranks the temperature down. Way down. And the devil asks the pilot if he thinks this is cold. And the pilot replies, “Actually, I flew in minnesota for a couple of winters, and the folks there wouldn’t even close the bathroom window at this temperature.”

The devil, QUITE upset now, drops the temperature way, way down to a few degrees above absolute zero. Pipes are bursting, everything in Hell is frozen… SOLID.

The pilot looks around and says, “Hey, I think I see Laura locked in Ian’s bedroom…”

For anyone concerned at this bit of humour at poor Laura’s expense, I have Emailed her ahead of all this to let her know that I’m only kidding, and not to hate me the rest of her life…

===================================================================== [end]

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