i hate recruiters who can't read

Email I received not long ago:

Dear Applicant, (seriously, they called me ‘Applicant’)

Our records show that you are an experienced IT professional with experience in ActionScript Coding (macromedia flash 8 professional). It is located in New London, CT. Please send us an updated resume in Word format.

(name withheld, although I’d love to start embarrassing these people by publicly humiliating them)

My reply:

Dear Headhunter: (I returned the favor)

Your records should also show very clearly in my (DICE/Monster/CyberCoders) resume that I am unwilling to relocate from the Los Angeles area.

Please update your filtering to find relevant candidates. Or just learn to read the resumes your filtering finds before contacting us all - the message about not wanting to relocate is in the first paragraph under my name and address.