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If you ever needed a reason to switch from Windows, This should convince you

It’s amazing to me, the stranglehold that Microsoft seems to have on the PC market. So much so that for years they’ve been the target of so many attacks, exploits, trojans and viruses. Between the OS itself just not being secure, to their flagship browser many dub “Internet Exploder”, it’s surprising that Windows would continue for so long to be such a popular product. But why change from what you know, right?

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Here comes da spam!

ZDnet is carrying an article about how the nice folks over at Spamhaus are warning of a potentially large increase in the amount of spam to come through in the next two months. Apparently the spammers have made a zombie trojan that can figure out your ISP’s Email proxy information, and send spam through your PC as if you were actually sending it from your PC using your ISP’s Email service.

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triple worm threat

Hey folks. PLEASE, for the sanity of everyone close to you: if you get an Email about Saddam Hussein being dead DO NOT open any attachments on the message. There’s a triple worm threat going down that’ll really screw up your machine. Check out this article at ZDnet for more information.

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