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Review: Nortriptyline as a Migraine Prevention

So I decided a few months ago to gradually wean myself off of Nortriptyline, the drug which started out on the market as an antidepressant, later to be used as a migraine preventative. I’ve been taking these little green and white pills for about a year and a half, and I gotta say, the number of full-force migraines that I’ve had was substantially lowered even at just a 20mg dose. The side effects where somewhat annoying, like sweet tooth cravings, and the typical antidepressant factors.

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Review: Facebook

I’m hooked. I thought MySpace was fun because I found a few local friends. Then I thought was fun because I got to track down some people I went to high school with and some people I lived in Pine Point NWT with. Doing a mash-up between MySpace and Classmates, and you get, a place where you can find former classmates as well as former workmates. Facebook uses a lot of AJAX on their site which gives everything a nice, fluid feel, from a “user experience” perspective.

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Review: GoToMyPC

I used GoToMyPC for quite a while - almost since they started. I was a member for quite a while, too. So long, in fact, that when I wanted to quit their service, they cut my monthly cost in half to keep me as a customer, which I did for a few more months. I loved that I could connect to my PC at home while it was behind a firewall, and get files or access some archived Email or whatever.

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Review: LunarPages

I first heard of LunarPages from a job posting in 02/2004, and it would have been amazing to have a job in that area of town, very close to where I lived, working professionally in a web hosting business. While I never did get in for that interview, I’ve had great success with them as a customer. I had my own web servers turned off by NHI Colo in April 2004, and needed to find hosting very quickly for MyFiveYearPlan which at the time was doing nightly credit card billing.

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Review: NHI Colo, Colocation services

When I lived in Canada, I ran a hosting business with some friends. In the summer of 2000, I relocated to the Los Angeles area and later had my servers shipped to California and I set up an account with NHI Colo. Pros: Cost was great, guys were generally pretty knowledgable Cons: On April 1st, 2004 they unplugged a LOT of their customers with ZERO notice. I had a good deal going.

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Vonage VoIP Internet Phone Service

Voice Over IP isn’t anything new. It’s been around for ages. But only recently has it been cheap enough for Joe Public to afford using it. I signed up in 02/2004 when I was going to be making lots of long distance phone calls for finding a new job. For $14.99/month, at the time, I got 500 minutes of long distance within the US and Canada. For an additional $4.

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