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Review: Nexus One and Motorola CLIQ

My wife and I recently switched from AT&T to T-Mobile and we picked up some new Android-based devices. For me, the Nexus One; for her, the Motorola CLIQ. Both phones have a lot of really great features, most of which are Android-related. But each device has a handy set of features that made them good decisions for us. Her Pantech phone was ruined by our son dropping it in the dog’s water dish, and I just got tired of the closed mindset of the iPhone.

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Total Cost of Ownership: iPhone, Nexus One, Palm Pre, Droid and others

The folks over at BillShrink started a thread a little while back which they revisited when the Google Nexus One was released in early January 2010, and wrote up a nice comparison chart of the different phones’ capabilities, and costs. While they have tried to keep it up to date, lots of users have left comments on their site about price plans, requesting extra features on the chart, etc. In a quest last night to find a cheaper alternative to giving AT&T $180 of my hard-earned cash every month for our two cell phones, I decided to take a page from BillShrink, and include some of the other phones that their users were requesting, along with additional phone features.

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HOWTO: Redirect iPhone/iPod Users on Nginx

I learned a little something about nginx, a small footprint web server ideal for serving mobile sites, or sites where you don’t want the heavy overhead of Apache. While I was serving in a DevOps role at Armor Games, I needed to redirect iPhone/iPod users to a different URL for a promotion. Since nginx at the time didn’t have the ability to utilize mod_rewrite rules, I had to learn how to enable redirection at the server level.

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For Sale: OpenMoko Neo1973 open-source Linux cell phone

I decided to sell my Neo1973. Commuting to the new job makes it tough to do any more development now that I’m giving up 3-4 hours a day sitting in a car. The eBay listing is at and more photos can be seen at (a page I no longer maintain at, sorry) Auction closes March 20 2008 at 9:50am PST. Update, March 2017 Nine years later, and I might have found the Neo1973 in my basement.

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