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No wonder English is so hard to learn. Look how hard it is to rhyme.

None of these rhyme: bough cough rough through though But these do: pony bologna … English is weird. Originally posted on Google+ and copied to my own site for posterity.

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Testing Code

Oh man do I want a 2’x3' poster of this…

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Funny Reminder

I was just surfing around, looking to see any updates on GnuCash or such personal financial software to find a Linux replacement for Microsoft Money – the last nail in the coffin so I can stop using Microsoft products (other than gaming) – and came across a comparison of books that Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds had written. I looked at an “equivalents” page found at and noticed under the ‘other’ listing that Bill Gates had written a book called “Road Ahead” and Linus Torvalds wrote a book called “Just for Fun”.

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