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The stigma of being a computer guy

Shaun Boyd wrote an excellent article about the Top 10 Reasons it sucks to be a “computer guy”, and not only do I feel his article was worth sharing, but wanted to share my experiences with this as well. The link to his site is actually going through a mirrored cache, since his original site seems to be taken offline thanks to the Digg effect. My favorite bit from his article:

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A Freelancer's Worst Nightmare

“Yup, that bone right there is cracked, almost in half, and that bone has two chip fractures. We’ll have to tape that finger to the one beside it as a split for the next three weeks, and you’ll need to keep ice on it for a few days to bring down the swelling…” Doc’s recommendation was a “tapebuddy”, or impromptu splint made by taping the ring finger of my right hand (the one I broke) to the middle finger of the same hand.

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