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Why is there no Class-Action lawsuit against yet?

I’ve recently added to my headhunter nightmares writings a few pieces about and how they’re collecting and selling inaccurate profile data about developers. They claim to scrape this data from public online sources, yet won’t disclose from where, nor offer developers access to the profile to correct inaccurate data. They sell the data to paying customers of their “Open Web” platform without my knowledge or consent, making me appear to be on the job market when I wasn’t.

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I'm looking for another full-stack dev in Boulder, intermediate level or better....

In early 2015, I was hiring another full-stack dev in Boulder, intermediate level or better. The job was filled but I still get a lot of traffic to my blog because of the post.

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Abstract questions to ask during technical interviews

I’ve always loved being part of an interview team, whether as a hiring manager or just someone on the team thinking up creative new questions that give us insight into a candidate’s personality or traits. The Next Web wrote an article in 2014 about nine non-typical interview questions that really help to learn about a developer. I recommend reading the entire article linked above, but for brevity, here’s a TL;DR list of the questions.

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Got a new job!

Hey all. Got a new job in Culver City that I’ll be starting at the end of March. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to blog about it, of course, but my current employer was really nice about letting me leave. More details a little later. UPDATE, 2016: My time at Pricegrabber was pretty great. I stuck around until they were purchased by Experian for about $770M. I left shortly afterward, purely by coincidence, because I was tired of a 90+ minute commute in each direction.

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