Review: LunarPages

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January 1, 2005

I first heard of LunarPages from a job posting in 02/2004, and it would have been amazing to have a job in that area of town, very close to where I lived, working professionally in a web hosting business.

While I never did get in for that interview, I’ve had great success with them as a customer. I had my own web servers turned off by NHI Colo in April 2004, and needed to find hosting very quickly for MyFiveYearPlan which at the time was doing nightly credit card billing.

LunarPages had me up and running very quickly, signed SSL cert included, and their tech support was very responsive.

The only negative thing I can say about them: they charge you extra for anti-spam solutions for your Email, unless you want to do it yourself with the supplied SpamAssassin setup. Thankfully, I was very well versed in SpamAssassin and they were gracious to post my SpamAssassin Trainer guide that I wrote for them in their how-to forums.