I should have become a tax accountant

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March 7, 2011

I hate tax season.

We paid Karin Langwasser’s office $350 for a 15-minute tax appointment this year.

(Google Place page)

In the past, they handled my freelance business taxes, but I closed that down TWO YEARS ago, and last year’s tax prep bill was still $400 “just in case they missed anything…” Our tax prep representative this year had no good reason to explain why our bill was only $50 less, and told us we had to pay $350. “That’s just what we charge.” That bill ate up what little refund we actually got back from the state this year, and then some.

But $350, really? A couple of W-2’s, no itemizations, no stock sales, etc., we were literally in their office for 35 minutes (we got there 20 minutes early for the appointment)

Next year we’ll use TurboTax.