NEW RELEASE, SpamAssassin Trainer, v3.03, now in Zip format

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May 12, 2007

(update 2017: all downloads will be available at github as of 2016)

I’ve released version 3.03 of my SpamAssassin trainer script, sa-trainer.cgi to the general public.

Changes include a bug fix with detecting the Email account for scanning ham messages, a change in how add-on domains are handled, and including the code for doing a callback to for checking for a newer version of the code.

The first page of the full documentation includes a PayPal donation button if you’d like to say thanks for the work and effort I’ve put into this. A second donation button is there if you want personal support to install the script - I will call you on the phone to discuss your needs, configure and install the script, and teach you how to run it for only $20US. Thanks so much for those that have used either of these buttons in an effort to caffeinate me sufficiently to continue improving the script!

If you are a LunarPages customer and need help, here’s a link to your primary means of support:

I’ve changed the download link to be a Zip file as I’ve had a few reports of corrupted downloads or invalid downloads happening. Simply unzip the file onto your system and upload it to your server from there.