NEW RELEASE: SpamAssassin trainer, v3.02

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April 6, 2007

I’ve released version 3.02 of my SpamAssassin trainer script, sa-trainer.cgi to the general public.

The first page of the full documentation used to include a PayPal donation button if you’d like to say thanks for the work and effort I’ve put into this. A second donation button was there if you want personal support to install the script - I will call you on the phone to discuss your needs, configure and install the script, and teach you how to run it for only $20US.

This script runs through your web browser on your hosting account as a CGI script, and learns pieces of information from messages (call tokens) from mailboxes you’ve made available to the script. This training process helps SpamAssassin to learn what you consider spam, and what you consider legitimate Email. Once it has learned 200 messages each of spam and non-spam, your should see dramatic improvements in the amount of spam that makes its way to your Inbox.

While I developed this script for myself when I closed down my own virtual hosting business, I expanded its use and functionality primarily for virtual hosting users of LunarPages. However, having tinkered with a handful of other CPanel-using virtual hosting providers, I find the script works well in every CPanel environment I’ve personally used so far (your mileage may vary).

The new version (v3.02) will autodetect whether your Email is stored in Mailbox or Mbox format, and let you configure one of many scenarios for checking global mailboxes or individual user mailboxes. It will work with add-on domains as well, and will also check back here to to determine if I’ve released a new version of the script.

If you are a LunarPages customer and need help, here’s a link to your primary means of support: