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July 17, 2005

To my mini-geek, Elizabeth:

I love you more than anything else.

It was about two years ago that you sent me a “wink” at, and followed that up by tracking me down via AIM. Since then, you’ve become the very best friend I’ve ever had. In many ways, it’s felt like forever; in other ways, it feels like only last week that I very nervously sat in Starbucks waiting for you to arrive for that great first coffee date in July, 2003.

In the time to follow, we’ve shared so many things about our lives, and feel that we know each other so completely. I’m excited to become your husband in the very near future, and will love you a little more every day as we grow together spiritually, mentally, physically, and mature into what God wants for our lives.

As the wedding date draws ever closer, I continue to feel this weird combination of emotions all at the same time: excitement, happiness, nervousness, fear, satisfaction, peace… I know that we’re both a little unsure about what to expect from life as we adjust to being together 24x7, but I’m certain that God has prepared us enough as individuals to be “mature and complete” (James 1:8) to tackle anything we come across, and as long as “Team Douglas” is united in all ways, we’ll do great.

And if that means I can never dump you in another snowbank, then that’s okay too.

I was torn whether to make a 2nd-year dating anniversary gift for you, or wait to show you after the wedding, but you know me, I hate to sit on surprises for very long. I’ve set up a photo archive (with more to come) that we’ll both be able to add notes and comments to for the photos there for other people to browse, including some photo gallery access for Scott & Jen, Marshall & Stephanie, and other friends of ours.

I set you up with your own blog too at, but I’ll have to upload some other themes in case you don’t like the one I picked for you.

I’m hoping that this site can become something that we’re both proud of, and something we can look back on and laugh about together in hysterics as we share some memories and moments with our friends and family. I know you’ve been really enjoying and I’m sure that you’ll have some witty thoughts of your own to share, about poop or whatever, as you experience “living with a boy.”

I’m excited to see what else God has in store for us as we wrap up our wedding plans and have our big day together, there in the spotlight that we both hate so much. You know I’m going to be a wreck that day despite my claim to be perfectly okay, but I’ll have my very best friend beside me (wearing your amazing wedding dress that you’ve been so anxious for me to see), so as long as I have you there I’m sure I’ll make it through the day.

… But the wedding day will only be the end of this 2-year chapter in our lives as we turn the page, dip our pens in the inkwell of life, and start a whole new story.

With everything in me: I love you.

I’m your biggest fan.

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