DaeWon, Come

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July 21, 2003

Update 2017: DBlack and I never finalized any deal with the band, and I’ve never seen a penny from the rights to this song. But hey, I have my music on two albums.

Hey all.

Well, I’ve mentioned it, eluded to it, and talked about it and figured I needed to actually share the song with you to lend weight to what I’ve been braggin’ about for the last few weeks.

A local band picked up one of my songs, thanks to my buddy ‘dblack’ who did an amazing amount of work on the music to make it sound a million times better than what I wrote. They’ve been using it at evangelistic outreach concerts as the “invitation” song at the end of the night for people that want to accept Jesus.

This is a tune I wrote back in 2001 and sorta fizzled out developing it after a while but ‘dblack’, being the music master that he is, added some extra drum beats, a few extra percussion hits and a handful of keyboard parts that I’d have never thought to include.

If I got the story straight, and I’m sure he’ll kick me in the butt if I’m wrong, ‘dblack’ put the reworked version on a demo CD that he gave to a friend of his who in turn let this band called “Dae Won” listen to some tracks that ‘dblack’ had included. Long story short, they wrote some AMAZING lyrics over my music track, and here’s the result:


The good news is that the band wants to record the tune on their debut album, so ‘dblack’ and I are in negotiations with them for licensing fees, etc.. I’m pretty jazzed about it!!! Please keep this in prayer, this is a great opportunity for us!