Technical Volunteer Work

CoderDojo Denver

In January 2016, I began mentoring at CoderDojo Denver, a local chapter of the international STEM program originating in Ireland. It's pretty powerful to see young kids learning about programming, computer skills, robotics, IoT and other topics. I'm extremely proud to

My own kids have been enjoying CoderDojo's curriculum. Read more here.

Turing School of Software & Design

Jeff has done an incredible job building the Turing School of Software & Design. The 7-month full-time code school program for both back-end Ruby on Rails or front-end UI/UX Node/JavaScript are exceptional and I'm very happy to lend my support as a volunteer mentor as a career coach and offer engineering expertise.

Is a code school right for you to change your career?

Here's one recent graduate's take:

recent blog posts

When Ad Targeting Goes Badly

on March 10, 2017

I’ve been a udemy user for several years. Their low-cost instructional courses (usually on sale for $10-15 each) have been great for my piqued interest in some side topics around mobile and game development, learning some new web development skills or for pure financial support of teachers I love including Tim Buchalka and Zed Shaw. Over the years I’ve signed up and paid for 17 courses, almost all of which are programming-related:

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Why is there no Class-Action lawsuit against yet?

on March 8, 2017

I’ve recently added to my headhunter nightmares writings a few pieces about and how they’re collecting and selling inaccurate profile data about developers. They claim to scrape this data from public online sources, yet won’t disclose from where, nor offer developers access to the profile to correct inaccurate data. They sell the data to paying customers of their “Open Web” platform without my knowledge or consent, making me appear to be on the job market when I wasn’t.

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Review of the Google Pixel XL and accessories

on November 3, 2016

I’ve owned just about every Nexus device since the Nexus One, including the Nexus Q and the tablets. The only devices I’ve missed in my collection are the Nexus 10 tablet, and the Nexus 6P from late 2015. I ordered the Pixel XL the morning of the announcement and have used it as my daily phone since it arrived, and this is a really solid device and definitely worth the upgrade from the 2014 Nexus 6.

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Managing multiple versions of PHP on Mac OS X with Homebrew

on October 12, 2016

I sense a trend starting. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about managing different versions of Python on Mac OS X, and today I’m going to explain how I use multiple versions of PHP on the same platform. The Problem Until the homebrew-php group figure out a better way of handling several versions of PHP (their instructions haven’t worked for several months), and without installing something like phpenv, I concocted my own means to manage PHP versions using bash aliases similar to my Python post.

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