Cool CEO’s

Tom ranks highest on the list, ’cause he was a lot of fun to work for. My other coworker at that job, no so much.

Fire Alarms and Work, again

Alright, that’s it … second alarm in three days here at work, this time on my own floor, some smoke detector malfunctioned (or maybe someone just decided to light up in the restroom) and we had to get dizzy walking down 10 flights of stairs…

Fire Alarms and Work

When my parents learned I was moving to California, they were pretty stunned. When I mentioned Los Angeles, one of their first questions was which side of the San Andreas fault I’d be living on. Now that my workplace has moved to Westwood, CA…

March 2005

Got a new job!

Hey all. Got a new job in Culver City that I’ll be starting at the end of March. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to blog about it, of course, but my current employer was really nice about letting me leave. More details a little later.