What is w98podfetch?
w98podfetch is a Perl script I wrote that will manage and download your podcast subscriptions. It is designed to be simple enough to run at the command line or via a cron job. If you have no idea what “command line” or “cron job” means or don’t use Linux, this application is probably too advanced for you until I convince myself to write a graphical interface for Xwindows or MS Windows. But if you’re advanced enough to use Perl under Windows (using ActiveState/ActivePerl) then you can set w98podfetch as a system service to schedule downloads.

What are some features of w98podfetch?
– online podcast subscription list (to be released with v0.6) so you don’t have to mess with the XML configurations if you don’t want to
– download a subscription in newest-to-oldest or oldest-to-newest publication date order (handy for podcast series and audiobooks)
– download a subscription in smallest-to-biggest or biggest-to-smallest filesize order
– add limitations to stop downloading a subscription feed after a number of files, or before a certain byte count would be exceeded.
– set a cut-off date so podcast files older than a certain date will never be downloaded

Sounds neat, where can I get a copy of w98podfetch?
The latest version (v0.61) can be downloaded here.

What is the “w98podfetch online” service that I’ve read about?
w98podfetch online is an online service I created to let users of w98podfetch share their podcast lists with others. By signing up over there (free registration required), you can build a public list of your favorite podcasts, and then give that list a name. Then, by sharing that list with other w98podfetch users, they can enjoy the same podcasts you listen to! The search engine is pretty robust, but admittedly I don’t really maintain that site at all very much. If you think of a feature, etc., you’d like to see there, contact me.

You said the software does *this* but it does *that* instead, how come?
If the software does something differently than I claim it should, then you’ve probably found a bug. Please contact me with as much information as you can, and include what Operating System you use (Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Mac OS X, Windows XP SP2, and so on), and please let me know which version of w98podfetch you’re using.

I thought of a really great feature to include in w98podfetch! How do I let you know?
Please contact me with ideas.

I’m having trouble getting the software to run, but I don’t think it’s a bug. How do I get technical support for this software?
Contact me for help.

Is there a log of changes between versions?
For versions between 0.v50 and 0.60, the best history will be the SourceForge CVS history, as there is no “changelog” file included in the tarball (yet). From v0.61 on, I will be including a CHANGELOG.txt file, outlining and detailing in there what has changed between the versions.

Any known issues?
Nothing major, but no software is perfect. And I’ve only tested the code on Gentoo 2005 Linux, and Ubuntu 5.10 and 7.04. I’ve also received instructions from one user named Mike who set up w98podfetch on his Windows XP machine to run as a ‘service’, and I’ve outlined his instructions in the v0.61 README to give him credit for his help.

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