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October 2005

“Hold my place in line…”

So I grab $10 in quarters and head to the LAX Courthouse this morning, with the intention of stuffing the meter with quarters like I’m in Vegas, ’cause we all know that next to the DMV, the slowest people in the world work for the judicial sy…

Cool CEO’s

Tom ranks highest on the list, ’cause he was a lot of fun to work for. My other coworker at that job, no so much.

Fire Alarms and Work, again

Alright, that’s it … second alarm in three days here at work, this time on my own floor, some smoke detector malfunctioned (or maybe someone just decided to light up in the restroom) and we had to get dizzy walking down 10 flights of stairs…

Fire Alarms and Work

When my parents learned I was moving to California, they were pretty stunned. When I mentioned Los Angeles, one of their first questions was which side of the San Andreas fault I’d be living on. Now that my workplace has moved to Westwood, CA…

My wife, and my bad habits

Amid screams of “ewwwww…”; my wife found out my big nasty habit. Parents, cover your children’s eyes for this, and hopefully you haven’t eaten dinner yet …

I’ve created a monster

So Elizabeth and I decided that Sunday would be a “scrub a room” day, and we decided it was ‘bathroom day’, so away we went. Well, okay, *she* went … I was printing up the thank-you envelopes for all of our wedding gifts and calibrating the…

September 2005

happy wife, happy life

Yes dear, if it kills me (or at least strain my back even more) I will haul as many boxes of dishes as it takes across the parking lot and up the flight of stairs to our loving home until you’re satisfied…

Blogging Thoughts

So Elizabeth is hooked on reading dooce.com, written by a lady who lost her job for blogging things about her job. It makes me wonder whether blogging about a conversation I overheard with our business VP and head of HR this morning discussing how to determine which employees don’t wash their hands after visiting the restroom would get me into any trouble.

More details coming soon

We’re back from the honeymoon, we had an amazing time, the wedding was perfect, and there are lots of details to fill everyone in on, not to mention pictures!!

If you were at the wedding and have pictures to share, I’ll be setting up a public folder in our photo gallery for everyone, but you’ll need to Email me for a username/password to upload them, or you can just Email them to me or Elizabeth.

Tick, tick, tick

Elizabeth and I were discussing our new commutes this morning. I’ve been getting up about two hours earlier than normal to meet her at the apartment for breakfast, then getting on the road. She was concerned about me getting up at 5:30 when…

August 2005

Fried foods and potential cancer risk

I read an article talks about a lawsuit here in California raised against companies like Wendy�s, Frito-Lay, KFC, and McDonalds, to force them to put a warning label on baked and fried foods that may contain a chemical called Acrylamide, su…

gung-ho for paintball!

Well, my junior groomsman Ben started talking to me about paintball the first time I met him, I think. In the two years I�ve known him, I�ve heard more and more about it, answered �Sure� every time he asked �You wanna see my newest …