Well, +Hyundai Worldwide / +Hyundai USA are adamantly refusing to pay 100% of our…

Well, +Hyundai Worldwide / +Hyundai USA are adamantly refusing to pay 100% of our expenses, yet they're willing to accept responsibility for spark plugs sized for a Santa Fe being installed in my Tucson when I wasn't even due for new plugs. So they're covering a $4200 motor and about $1400 worth of expenses, but fusing to cover an additional $1000 in expenses that THEY ADVISED us to incur, or verbally promised on the phone several times.

If you were faced with a $1,000 bill against a $6,600 charge, would you accept it and pay it, or fight for it when you don't believe any of this was your own fault in the first place?

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Ian Douglas – Our last attempt to resolve the remaining… | Facebook
Our last attempt to resolve the remaining two items that Hyundai is refusing to reimburse has fallen on deaf ears. I’ve escalated it to the Executive…

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10 thoughts on “Well, +Hyundai Worldwide / +Hyundai USA are adamantly refusing to pay 100% of our…

  1. Frankly, from my experience with Hyundai/Kia, you're lucky if they are even willing to pay for what is blindingly obviously their fault.

    They are counting on the fact you are time bound to resolve this issue to try and limit the expense that they are legally responsible for as much as possible. This is classic Hyundai/Kia.

    If you can afford to hold out a while longer, I'd encourage you to hold them to what they actually owe. They did much the same to me about 8 years ago and I just couldn't afford the time to deal with it any longer (once I realized the level of intransigence they are capable of, I realized it would cost me more in my time, than I'd recover from them, so I just resolved never to deal with them again, and to tell anyone who ever asked me about whether I'd recommend a Hyundai/Kia to run as fast as they can from them).

  2. +Ian Douglas​ excellent, good man. There was no lawyer involved with me either, but my time is worth at least $100/hr and they had consumed at least 20 hours of my time for $4000 expense when I just gave up, because I was already $2000 worth of my time in. I can guarantee, that I have cost them far more than $4000 in lost sales over the last 8 years, and I'm still going strong 🙂

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