I'm so frustrated with +Hyundai Worldwide / +Hyundai USA 

I'm so frustrated with +Hyundai Worldwide / +Hyundai USA . One of their mechanics installed the wrong spark plugs in my Tucson, destroyed my engine, and they've taken 8 days already just to investigate. What's to investigate?! You have the photos of the destroyed plugs, you have the report from the dealership where we had my car towed. Just fix my car and return it to me!!

They've had possession of my car since Sunday Oct 18 (that was 11 days ago). I opened a case with them last Wednesday the 21st and I've had ZERO phone calls back from my case handler.

I've had to call them repeatedly myself only to hear they want more time to investigate. The only time they've called me was a second rep in response to an angry tweet i left about them on Tuesday. The rep told me that they were going to "escalate" my case but it'd take 1-2 more days. Well, today is day 2 of that extension and I still had to call them to get information. Except I was told by the rep that the best he could do is send a message to my case handler saying I want a phone call.

I told them that I need a car to drive. They told me to just go rent a car and submit that as a claim on this case. Well, okay, except we've already got over $1000 worth of expenses on this case, and since they're not giving me any timelines, I have no information to give a rental company as to when they can expect their rental vehicle back.

My car broke down in Utah, and I'm in Colorado. Hyundai also hasn't given any indication whether it'll get fixed in Utah and shipped to Colorado, or shipped here to get repaired, or if I have to drive out there and pick it up.

I don't exactly want to shell out a ton more money hoping I'm going to get paid back some day.

Meanwhile I'm stranded and can't get to work and have a bunch of expenses with no idea whether they're going to get addressed, or how long it'll take to get paid back.

I'm starting to wonder if getting a lawyer would speed this up or slow it down even more. A friend recommended calling the BBB, but opening a case with the +Better Business Bureau will take 14-30 days.

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  1. +Ian Douglas, sorry to hear about your mechanical woes. Hope things are rectified soon! I have a vintage (1996) T-Bird that "the shop" said would take $500+ (open-ended bid) to fix… my hubby got $30 worth of vacuum hoses and did it in an hour. Maybe it's time to solicit help and/or  "expert advice" from an independent source?  

  2. +Kim Bultman I've only ever taken my car to a Hyundai dealership for all of my work to maintain my warranty with them, so I've never done so much as go to a Jiffy Lube for an oil change. And I'm not mechanical at all, the most I've ever done is change headlight bulbs and wiper blades.

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