Hey everyone, old-time Sputnik owner of the very first XPS13

Not sure whether Barton would recall my name from back in the day.

Recently bought an m3800 refurbished and it shipped with Windows and I'm looking to get Linux installed. I wiped the whole filesystem and got the newest ISO for Ubuntu 15.04 image on the machine, but several things aren't going so well, namely Thunderbolt support and NVidia.

I'm curious if anyone has a link to an official 14.04 recovery ISO from Dell which would install their configurations and drivers etc?. I couldn't quickly find one myself browsing around this afternoon.

Everything else seems to work fine: wireless, sound, camera, touchpad, etc., but my Thunderbolt display doesn't turn on and I don't believe the Nvidia drivers are installed at all much less configured (which could be why my TB display doesn't work).

I also tried finding a HOWTO on installing Ubuntu 14.04 from scratch and getting everything set up. Closest I could find is a walk through on Gentoo, which I have to admit is intriguing (haven't used Gentoo in years but used to be my go-to distro 6-7 years ago) but I haven't really got the time to fuss with Gentoo right now. I might take a closer look at that walk through tonight and see if anything is helpful. In the meantime, if anyone knows of an ISO recovery, I'd really appreciate it if you could share the link.

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