Ugh, +Motorola Mobility 

Ugh, +Motorola Mobility . You were awesome about replacing my faulty Moto360, but the replacement is also faulty and your chat support won't help me because it's a replacement device???

Rica: Hi, my name is Rica. How may I help you?
ian douglas: Hi Rica, I had a warranty replacement for my Moto360 arrive today and the new device is having lots of problems.
ian douglas: For starters, it keeps disconnecting from my phone, and when I try to do things like download a software update (it's on an old version) it throws tons of "Google Play has stopped working" kinds of errors, even just rebooting the watch gives those errors.
ian douglas: I'm not sure what to do, I've already boxed up my other moto360 and sealed it in the package to ship back (it also had hardware/software issues)
Rica: I'm sorry to hear that, are you referring to a replacement device already?
ian douglas: "Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped." is the exact message.
ian douglas: yes, this is the replacement
Rica: I see, regarding a replacement device already. You can contact 1-800-734-5870 the Repair team which is the higher department that handles issues on replacement device. 
ian douglas: so you can't help me sort through the errors etc just because it's a replacement device?
Rica: No, as much as I want to, they handle replacement issues. 
ian douglas: that's a really, really silly policy
ian douglas: do they have a chat? it's not convenient for me to call them right now
Rica: I do apologize, they do not have,
ian douglas: so if I were talking to you about just general support issues and had never mentioned that this was a replacement item, you'd have helped me?
Rica: The reason why you need to talk with them is that this is just a replacement device that is not working well, they will provide you option and will provide you solutions on it.
Rica: They can provide you option or they will let you have a new replacement device.
ian douglas: But it's just a device fresh out of the box that's having issues, what difference does it make to you? I'm a customer and I have a faulty device.
Rica: That is exactly why you need to talk with them, fresh from the box and it is not working well. They are the only one who has the access to replaced again. 
ian douglas: if you can help me fix it, I won't need to have THIS one replaced.
ian douglas: Isn't it better for the company not to waste packaging and resources on shipping, etc., not to mention that I get charged $25 for replacing it, if you can just spend a minute to help me debug this?

Rica: Alright, we can advise you to reset the device, that is what we can suggest you.
ian douglas: I've factory reset it three times today. It didn't help.
Rica: It means the device didn't work well, that is why we are suggesting to talk with the higher department that the device you have received is not working well. 
ian douglas: this is a horrible customer experience. I never had to call them before.
ian douglas: when my first device was faulty it was handled all through chat and email
Rica: I understand where your coming from, 
Rica: Hi ian,  I noticed you have been away from the chat session for 3 minutes. I’ll stay here until the next minute so I can continue to help you with your concern. Feel free to contact  us again through our chat support  so we can further assist you or you may also call our toll free numbers, please follow this link  Thank you and have a nice day!
ian douglas: why would I reconnect with chat support when you won't help me anyway
You have disconnected.

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  1. 3 minutes into downloading what I'm guessing is about 5% of a system update on the watch and it's dropped 10% battery life. This is gonna be fun. Maybe I should just ask them to replace it with the new generation or something.

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