Played handyman today

Swapped out some outlets to new ones with dual 3.6A USB ports, changed all bathroom fans from a light switch to digital timers, and changed out some ceiling fixture lights.

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2 thoughts on “Played handyman today

  1. Leviton LTB30-1LZ for the timers.
    5 wires on the back in case your on a 3 way switch (I wasn't). They went in very easy. Ordered three on Amazon for about $30 each and have five buttons: off, 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes.

    USB switches were also Leviton, model T5632-BW.
    I love the higher rated amperage on the ports. Their placement will warrant what kind of other things you plug into the socket though. The plugs are polarized, and if the plug is slightly taller than the prongs on the socket, the USB ports will be unusable. I had to move a house phone because it's plug was a small brick that was tall enough to block the USB ports by only a few millimeters but it made them unusable. They were about $20 at home depot.

    It wasn't planned that all of these would be the same brand. I bought the usb sockets at home depot a few weeks before getting the timers from Amazon. It was tricky to find a timer switch with small increments for a bathroom fan where you don't want the thing running for an hour.

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