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Should have posted in here to begin with, but I'm having some trouble with my Raspberry Pi not fully recognizing my DS18B20 and was curious if the problem rings a bell with anyone (or do I have a bad sensor?). Thanks in advance!

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Anybody out there got experience with Raspberry Pi and a DS18B20 temperature sensor?

DS18B20 not fully working on Raspberry Pi
I’ve followed instructions through various sites which have all given the same information about wiring the DS18B20 sensor to a Raspberry Pi (red is 3.3V, black is ground, white connects to GPIO pi…

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  1. +Doug Edey Thanks. I've double-checked everything before I ever applied power for the first time. If I unplug the 3.3V or Ground from the sensor and "rmmod" and "modprobe" the modules in question, I no longer see the sensor, but once I apply power and reapply the modules, I only see the master showing up.

    I wondered if it was a voltage or resistance problem. A comment on StackExchange said to get a volt/ohm meter, which sadly I haven't owned since college, so I'll pick one up this week. Just unsure whether to order another sensor or try to take this one back or what.

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