The company who hosts my web site is an awesome web hosting provider. LunarPages, whose main headquarters are about a 20 minute drive from my apartment, was *this* close to interviewing me about 2 years ago for a job as a sysadmin. When the interview fell through, I still moved my domain, as well as numerous other sites of my own and other clients from my hosting business that closed later, because their service offering was incredible.

Since then, they’ve had a number of great enhancements to their ‘basic’ account, which is as cheap as $6.95/month when you pay for a year in advance:
- free domain name for life (they’ll register a new domain for you and pay for renewing it as long as you remain an LP customer)
- up to 1.5TB of storage
- 15TB of bandwidth per month
- cpanel access, including fantastico
- unlimited mysql or postgresql databases
- MS FrontPage Extension support
- DreamWeaver compatible
- unlimited parked domains (which means you could have as your main web site, and then ‘park’,,, etc., and they’ll all resolve and bring up the main web site from – with .htaccess files, you could theoretically host multiple sites displaying different pages, etc.)
- unlimited subdomains, even for the parked domains, such as or
- perl/cgi-bin access, of course, plus PHP, ASP, JSP, some python and ruby support if you’re into bleeding edge work
- unlimited ftp accounts
- customized error pages (go to to see a page i wrote up that answers to 404 errors)

Anyhow, you can read the full list of features at

If you want to sign up through my affiliate link, I’ll give you $25 via PayPal once your 30 day trial period is over!
Yes, you heard that right – sign up through my affiliate link, and I’ll paypal you $25US after your 30 day refund period is over. That brings your monthly cost down to $6.24 per month (you pay $99.95US to prepay for a year of service up front, and I’ll paypal you $25US upon completion of your 30-day trial period and payment to me of those affiliate commissions).

If you want hosting with *unlimited* disk space and bandwidth, with a few caveats which I can explain better in an Email, you can contact me for more details.