I’ve considered getting into podcasting a little, by reading some of the jokes I’ve archived from HumourList. I decided, too, that HumourList needed a home of its own, so I’ve launched HumourList.info (also spelled as HumorList for the American spelling) to give the random jokes a new home.

I hope to have a joke submission page on there, as well as forums to help spread good *clean* humour around the internet.

After some planning and an overview of software I’ve written over the past two years, I’ve decided to re-launch MyFiveYearPlan, a goal-tracking site I built back in 2001 that lasted about two years before taking it offline. A number of factors contributed to wanting to relaunch this site with some expanded features. I’ll be rewriting a lot of the software over the next 5 or 6 months, and hope to start beta testing in the summer for a fall public beta, and full-on re-launch in December to gear up for Near Years Resolutions for 2007.