Weekend project: write up a Live Template for +PyCharm (should work on other +JetBrains editors) for basic emmet.io shortcuts to use within #HAML documents.

Example: start a new HAML document, type just an exclamation point and hit TAB and you should see a basic html/head/body structure take form. Type just an 'a' and hit tab to get "%a(href='' title='')" and so on.

Contributions are more than welcome. The first pass at this basically copied the "Zen HTML.xml" file that shipped with PyCharm and modified it for HAML representations. I'd love to see a full emmet.io engine within JetBrains some day, but this will do for now.

jetbrains-emmet-haml – collection of emmet.io shortcuts for JetBrains editors for HAML documents

TL;DR, go into GV settings, sync and notifications, receive text  messages, and select "via the messaging app" … then (in KitKat), set Hangouts as your default SMS app.

I paid Google $20 a few years back to transfer my decade-old phone number permanently to Google Voice, and haven't cared to memorize any phone given by a carrier on any phone/SIM since then, as Google Voice is one of the first apps I install on a phone.

The downside is that, while incoming texts show up in Hangouts on my phone, the Hangouts extension in Chrome doesn't detect the conversation, so I can't carry conversations over to my desktop. That's the next puzzle to figure out.

Make Google Voice SMS Play Nice with Hangouts
Google has been dragging its feet on getting Google Voice to integrate nicely with Hangouts. However, with a little leg work, you can start using Hangouts to text via GV and rarely be the wiser.