Just found a bunch of celebrities who share my birthday, 'cause I'm curious like that. Some I knew, like Ving Rhames, Goerge Carlin (RIP), Steve Winwood, and Yogi Berra, others surprised me like Emily VanCamp (was surprised to see her in the latest Captain America movie), Tony Hawk, Katherine Hepburn, and the twin boys on Everybody Loves Raymond.


May 12 Birthdays
Discover the most famous May 12 Birthdays including Luke Benward, Tony Hawk, Kenton Duty, Catherine Tate, Kim Fields, Emilio Estevez and many more.

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Join our Webcast May 13: Python Web Development with Flask

Flask is a small and easy-to-use, yet fully featured open source web framework written in Python. It is considered a micro-framework, but don't let the "micro" part fool you; Flask can do everything the others can do, many times in a simpler, leaner way. Flask's code is concise and well written; you can easily read and understand it.

In this webcast, we'll provide an overview of Flask, full of examples that you can download and try. The topics to be discussed are:

Anatomy of a Flask application
Web forms
Project structure for large applications

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